Discover rich cultural-historical heritage of Istria

Set off on a quest of cultural-historical treasure of Istria! Discover charming towns and villages both on the coast and inland as well as the most famous Istrian cultural-historical sights.

Where time seems to have stopped

Follow the traces of history and culture and feel inspired by monumental sights that have stood the test of time for centuries if not millennia! Find out more about Istrian legends and stories of the times long past and envisage what life must have been like on this amazing peninsula throughout the history.

Colourful coastal towns

Wander along the historical streets of beautiful towns on the Istrian coast and experience their everlasting charm! Find romance in the picturesque town of Rovinj with its amazing historical core and the remarkable Church of St Euphemia.  Walk the streets ancient Romans once trod on in Pula and Poreč or follow the footsteps of Casanova in in the charming town of Bale. Take a stroll along the narrow streets of Umag enjoying the lovely examples of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Experience the charm of a typical Istrian small town such as Novigrad or Vrsar, each with its own story just waiting to be told.

Magical towns inland

Enter the fairytale world of inland towns in Istria! The hilltop towns in the interior take your breath away from the moment you spot them from a distance. Spend magical moments exploring the ancient streets and walls of Motovun and enjoy the ultimate views. Find out more about the legends of the smallest town in the world, Hum, and its Glagolitic heritage. Get lost in the narrow streets of Vodnjan and climb its famous belltower for great views. Visit the heart of Istria, Pazin, and enjoy its old castle and the awe-inspiring pit. Let other towns such as Grožnjan, Buzet, Buje and others also cast their irresistible spell on your holiday.

Roman amphitheatre Arena in Pula

Stand in awe before one of the most famous monuments from the Antiquity in Croatia – Arena in Pula! The sixth largest Roman amphitheatre in the world, Arena is also among the best preserved ones. Two-millennia old landmark is not only the absolute must-see in Istria, but also a place where you can experience out-of-this-world performances by national and international artists.

Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč

Go back in time by visiting the Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in the historic centre of Poreč! A remarkable example of religious architecture and one of the best preserved ones of such kind, the basilica dates back to the 6th century. Having admired the outstanding mosaics in its interior, talk a stroll in the historical core of Poreč and watch the stories from your history books come to life.

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