Discover the delightful delicacies of Istria

Take your taste buds on an exceptional gastronomical journey through Istria! Share unforgettable meals prepared with locally sourced seasonal ingredients for the ultimate experience of Istrian cuisine.

Land of sensational flavours

A true paradise for gourmets, Istria welcomes you to the exquisite tastes of its cuisine! From delectable seafood dishes to amazing specialties that include the famous truffle, authentic beef boškarin and delicious seasonal vegetables such as wild asparagus, try out famous Istrian delicacies over a glass of exquisite wine for a perfect harmony of tastes.

Follow the olive oil and wine trails of Istria

Discover the premium olive oil and the excellent wine of Istria! With a longstanding tradition of olive oil and wine production, Istria offers you a close insight into the process of creating olive oil and wine of exceptional quality. Have a tasting tour of a local olive grove or a winery arranged and indulge in authentic Istrian flavours. particularly when served with refined Istrian pršut (prosciutto).

Taste of the Adriatic Sea

Treat your palate to the irresistible flavours of the Adriatic Sea! A dream come true for every fan of seafood and fish, Istrian dishes do not only represent perfection on a plate, but they are also prepared with the very best ingredients such as the famous pilgrim scallop of Novigrad, sole fish from Savudrija or the praised Adriatic squid.

Gourmet rarity of Istria

Savour the highly valued Istrian delicacy – the truffle!  Istrian soil, particularly the forest of Motovun, provides the perfect conditions for truffles, one of the most prominent highlights of Istrian cuisine,  to grow. Try this majestic element of Istrian gastronomy in combination with traditional pasta fuži or pljukanci as well as in delightful desserts for a unique culinary experience.

Delight in the exceptional authentic beef

Enjoy the rhapsody of tastes with boškarin, the meat of traditional Istrian cattle! An absolute must-try for all gourmets, the outstanding beef of the highest quality is beautifully served as carpaccio, a steak or in traditional Istrian dishes such as žgvacet together with traditional Istrian pasta. As is the case with other Istrian specialties, it guarantees an extraordinary gastronomical experience especially when taken with selected Istrian wines.

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