Recharge in breathtaking Istrian nature

Rest and relax in beautiful nature of Istria! Discover its natural attractions, explore the stunning coast and the magical countryside and enjoy absolute tranquility away from the urban haste.

Wonderful diversity of breathtaking nature

With its clear blue sea and refreshing greenery, Istria is a dream come true for all nature enthusiasts. So, discover its hidden untouched coves and lovely islands, climb its mountains, hike through its forests and admire the extraordinary forces of nature so wonderfully on display on Croatia’s largest peninsula.

Brijuni National Park

A piece of paradise on earth, Brijuni National Park is one of the most famous gems of Istrian nature and a favourite excursion spot, visited also by international celebrities. Consisting of 14 islands and islets, the Brijuni archipelago captivates with its lush vegetation, forests and parks as well as archaeological sites and remains dating back to the Antiquity and the so-called promenade of dinosaurs.

Učka Nature Park and Motovun Forest

Shades of green as far as the eye can see! One third of the peninsula is covered by forests with Učka Nature Park and Motovun Forest as the most prominent examples. An exceptional spot for outdoor activities, Učka Nature Park takes your breath away with rich biodiversity and sensational views from the lookouts. Famous as the home of the Istrian truffle, Motovun Forest is an example of one of the few left lowland Mediterranean forests of common oak, ash and elm.

Lim Channel and Kamenjak Cape

Stunning examples of nature wonders right before your eyes! Visit the southernmost point of Istria, Kamenjak Cape Nature Park, and enjoy a day surrounded by Mediterranean greenery, herbs and lovely flowers, at untouched beaches and cliffs for adventure diving. For similarly impressive sights take a boat ride along the sunken karst valley known as Lim Channel, renowned for its scenery and exceptional shellfish.

Istrian caves and pits

Enter the world of remarkable geomorphological shapes! As you enter the Baradine Pit, Mramornica and Romuald’s Cave or admire the sight of Pazin Pit, think about the years and years it took for nature to create such magnificent structures and find out more about their stories and legends.

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